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Captain Commander Yamamoto Genryusai established the Neo District after Aizen's betrayal and establishment of the Espada in Hueco Mundo. The Seretei was unable to keep up with their duties over the Eastern world and maintain some prescience in the Western civilizations, so they created a special district to handle Western issues.

The Neo district has adopted some of the traditions of it's precursor, but true to it's name, it takes a very new approach the the squads, leadership, and education.

Each squad has it's own purpose, while cooperation between squads is encouraged. And when joining a squad ranks are given as first come, first serve, except for captains and lieutenants, unless the recruit desires a lower rank.


As part of a developing plot. I will be posting my fanfic, in said fic there are "good aligned" arracars, therefore they may be submitted to the allies folder if you wish for them to associate on friendly terms with the soul reapers.



Unfortunately All group must have then I suppose. XD

1) All works submitted must go to the correct folders, I am not going to throw fits over it, but it gets annoying and after awhile I may remove deviants if needed.
2) All works must include at least 1 member of the Neo district, but the more the merrier.
3) If you would like to use someone else's OC in a work, please get permission first
4) Mark you Mature content as needed. I don't personally care, but I don't want people to leave over it.
5) Note me or an admin if any issues arise.
6) As this district is in western society, English is the primary language and the group will use the English words. (IE: shinigami = soul reaper, however zanpakuto can be used instead of soul cutter sword)
7) Featured works are determined by the admins and are chosen based on quality, originality, and the kindness of the artist and/or OC owner. (As an example, if you are rude to another member, your work will not be featured)

Want to be featured? Be nice, helpful, and active. This is much more important than being a wonderful artist. :)

Gallery Folders

12th Division
Neo District Allies
NPC, Unaffiliated, Other

Group Info

This group focuses on another district in bleach. Dubbed as The Neo District, the shinigami work to keep balance in the western world while the Rukongai has focused their efforts on the many missions involving substitute soul reaper, Ichigo Kurosaki.

With the Seretei busy, the Neo District has emerged to cover areas of the world that the Seretei can't.
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EDIT: NOW accepting Apps, you can find the form in the featured folder. Submit apps to the application folder and I will move them once they have been approved.

After approval you may submit any art you wish of members of the Neo District, the only rule being that a member MUST be in the image or story.

Roleplaying is welcome, and all of my character's may be used in art or stories as long as they do not have changed personalities. :D

Many of the group things have been updated and soon everyone will be able to submit their own Neo district OCs of any type. But I have to finish the applications first *dies*

So if you want to see all the new info it exists in the following locations:
- the custom info called story/history on the main page
- each divisions' tab in the gallery explains the purpose of the divisions.

As the founder and main person who has like 24 OCs already, I am swamped with art stuff to work on and would love to have some help, so if you are interested in being an admin, please send me a note with how, in any way, you would like to help. You are also free to note me or comment with questions, tips, comments, concerns, etc. Any and all feedback is much appreciated.

Things I am still working on:
group icon

If anyone would like to make these things. Let me know!
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Oh thank you! :D I hope to get more done with it, but time sucks... it just moves by too fast for my liking. XD
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BevyArt Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012   General Artist
I am thinking that the buildings are very modern, but have the traditional japanese feel, since the district was originally created by Capt. Yamamoto with Shuunsui helping out.

I am still working the whole thing out, but I hope to have the district info up soon. Packing for vacation at the moment though. *dies*
LanokirX Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, okej. : o Sounds nice though. x3 And hope ya have a nice vacation. x)
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